“What RedSocks does is not achieved by any other security supplier. Alongside monitoring traffic going out from the inside, real-time monitoring of network traffic is a major benefit of the RedSocks solution. It lets us take immediate action if active malware or a data breach is detected. “The RedSocks appliance also continually checks whether the protection rules, like our firewall for instance, are still adequate against the current threats. So it checks whether our secured environment is indeed still secure.”

Bas Labordus, Security & Privacy Officer at Air Miles

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Complete visibility into your entire network

RedSocks Malicious Threat Detector (MTD) focuses on the outbound communication characteristics of malware that has installed itself on your devices and networks. This method provides accurate visibility into advanced or targeted attacks and malware that has slipped through your security defense. It provides instant notification whenever a device becomes infected. Next to that, RedSocks MTD will instantly detect malware that has been present for days, weeks or even months.

Focus on preparedness before, during and after a security breach.

With RedSocks your security team can more thoroughly and effectively monitor the environment and answer to questions like:

  • What systems are affected?
  • Who did this to us?
  • Is the threat really gone?
  • Can it happen again?

Leverage the benefit of BYOD but eliminate the risks

The Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend is booming; When 3 out of 4 employees use mobile devices (laptops, mobile phones) the question arises: how do we get security in place? The number of malware on mobile platforms is increasing especially on Android devices, given the open nature of its toolkits build for the device. Attackers take advantage of the connected device and use that as the subbing point for taking control of corporate information.

Secure BYOD in your business, increase employee productivity and allow your workforce doing things where the customer needs them most! RedSocks technology helps to safeguard your organisation from information theft.

The solution works by constantly monitoring and tracking all user and device behavior in real-time, combined with superior threat intelligence. It works agentless, it is non-intrusive and operating system independent.

Maximum malware detection power

It is not enough to keep adding the latest security technologies as a collection of point products. Nor is it sufficient to rely on a set of integrated technologies of uncertain effectiveness. Instead, enterprises need independently validated products that also work together for maximum protection.

Most organizations should assume they have already been breached and in order to have a security practice “firing on all cylinders” that can reach maximum protection against cyber threats, they should pair preventive technologies with both breach detection and security information and event management (SIEM) solutions.

RedSocks Malicous Threat Detection

  • Detects advanced threats that others miss
  • Provides your data maximum privacy- no data leaves your organisation’s premises
  • Integrates with your existing security systems
  • Gives you the choice of deployment – on premises or as a virtual appliance

Security Operations Center in a 'Box'

In small to medium-sized enterprises where little to no security technologies are in place due to smaller budgets and fewer security staff, RedSocks enables you to close the security gap through:

  • Pre-packaged and pre-configured virtual or hardware appliance to provide comprehensive threat detection for multiple use cases addressing internal and external threats;
  • A comprehensive dashboard with a clear overview of all the malicious threats;
  • Easy implementation- starts to detect malware within an hour;
  • Incident response and remediation by the Redsocks’ partner eco- system.


“The merger of the two hospitals gave us sufficient reason to look at how we might raise our security to new and higher levels. What we needed was a malware detection option that was easy to use, so that management of the system would be less time-consuming. Protection of patient information is of paramount importance to us, so reliability – both in terms of the security provider and the solution – was an extremely important factor. Likewise, we feel it’s important that the system provides us with useful information about issues which really require our attention.”

Peter de Boer, head of ICT Management at Sint Franciscus Vlietland Hospital

The most sophisticated malware threat intelligence feeds

RedSocks compiles the industry’s best malware intelligence feeds and adds a focus on the world outside of the United States. The RedSocks solution enables you to detect targeted, evasive and zero-days attacks in real time. On a daily basis up to 100.000 new unique pieces of malware are automatically analysed in the RedSocks Lab. The RedSocks solution will integrate seamlessly into your existing security architecture.